Membership Application

You need the following information to complete the process.

  • Link to your website and social media platforms
  • IRS Letter of Determination - NOTE: 2 years minimum in existence & at least 2 paid staff
  • Copy of your most recent 990 form or 990 N E-postcard
  • Board of Directors List
  • Signature from the leader of your organization
  • Signature from the person responsible for your organization's membership
  • Names of up to 4 authorized shoppers in your organization

Our membership application is a two-step process.


  • Information about you
  • Information about your organization
  • Document upload
  • Sign the application
  • Wait for approval: 1-7 business days.


(after approval)

  • Pay annual membership fee of $100
  • Submit list of 4 authorized shoppers

If you have gathered all the information you can proceed.